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BareBurger Menu Prices – 2018 | Food Menu with Prices

BareBurger Menu

BareBurger Menu is American fast food chain which is famous for its burgers and vegan options. BareBurger is one of the very few food chain networks which provides a lot of different vegan options to their customers. The food chain has over 150 different burger joints all across the country and is becoming one of the largest food chain network in America.

The other great thing about the BareBurger food chain is that they are all organic and do not compromise with the food content they provide to their customers. BareBurger is not just known for their burgers but since the summer of 2009, they have been serving diners their druthers of grass-fed elk, lamb, wild boar, ostrich, bison, and beef with the toppings like bread battered onion rings and applewood smoked bacon on artisanal brioche buns.

Below are the latest “BareBurger Menu” Prices.

BareBurger Menu Review

A BareBurger is really an awesome place for those who crave for the fast food but also long for the organic and vegan options. This place offers all the organic food and with a lot of vegetarian options on their menu and this does not stop them from serving the best burgers and fast food.

If you are a dip lover than BareBurger is the place you should visit. The serve their side dishes such as fries and onion rings with four different types of dips and sauces which are not just yummy and mouthwatering but also provides you with varying flavor in the same dish.

Specialties in BareBurger Menu

AMERICAN BURGER: The classic American Burger of the BareBurger is made up of finely grilled beef, American cheese, sweet pickles, tomatoes, red onions, green leaf, ketchup, stone ground mustard and brioche bun. This makes up the lethal combination of classic American burger and you can also add black forest bacon for the additional charges.

FARMSTEAD: This special green burger is a specialty of BareBurger which does not contain any bun but is wrapped up in collard green wrap. The green burger of the BareBurger consists of sweet potato, kale & rice patty, hummus, tomatoes, baby kale, and avocado basil dressing.

THAI CHIA: This is a Thai flavored burger which gives you amazing Thai flavors. It is made up of quinoa, chia and green pea patty, vegan American cheese, caramelized onions, wild mushrooms, baby spinach, 7 spice Thai ketchup and sprout bun. This is a specialty of the BareBurger which you must try if you ever visit the burger joint and want to try something different.

PAUL BUNYAN: This special burger of the BareBurger is made up with the bison meat along with blue cheese, black forest bacon, bourbon pear jam, caramelized onions and sprout bun. This amazing burger is not just any ordinary burger but provides you some very exquisite flavors in a single burger.

FLAMIN’ BACON: This is a classic American burger which is made up of beef, American cheese, black forest bacon, pickled jalapenos, green leaf, habanero mayo, and brioche bun. This is a burger which is filled with all the classic American flavors and you can not just miss this burger for anything in this world.


BareBurger was started in the year 2002 with music venue named in Sputnik in Brooklyn’s Bed Stuy “Do or Die”. The original restaurant was a combination of art space, dive bar, performance space and a small kitchen the size of a closet buried off to the corner. After 7 years of art, music, late nights and tons of good times the CEO of the BareBurger, Euripides Pelekanos, decided to open an organic and all natural burger place in Queens, NYC.

The poster of the company is a bear on a unicycle, holding a beer and a burger. This is at the very start of their business but now “Bare Burger Menu” is serving their sustainable fare all over the world. If “BareBurger Menu” has some new updates do tell us and all the readers of this website.

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