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Chicken Express Menu Prices – 2018 | Food Menu with Prices

Chicken Express Menu

Chicken Express is the local fast food chain of America which is concentrated in the Southern United States. The name itself suggests that the restaurant serves fried chicken meals and a variety of sides, drinks, and desserts.  The restaurant chain is almost 30 years old and they have been serving the United States with high-quality chicken and the other food options at the reasonable rates. A majority have customers have commented that they can taste the freshness of the chicken in the meals offered in the Chicken Express Menu. The restaurant chain has always avoided to use the frozen ingredients and especially frozen chicken to maintain their taste and loyalty of the customers.

The restaurant chain is said to be the home of legendary Express Tenders and Chicken E Sweet Tea and hence the ice tea in the store is sold by gallons. The Chicken Express has expanded tremendously since its establishment and now it has over 200 restaurants out of which most of them are in the south of the country. No doubt that the Chicken Express has become now one of the most delicious fried chicken restaurants in the country. They serve their chicken which is pre-marinated, dipped in the delicious batter mix and perfectly cooked.

Below are the latest “Chicken Express Menu” Prices.


Combo Meals

Includes Regular Side & Large Drink
Express Tenders Combo4 Pc.$6.39
Express Tenders Combo7 Pc.$8.99
Chicken Combo3 Pc.$7.39
Chicken Combo2 Pc.$5.99
6 Livers or 9 Gizzards Combo$5.99
Hot Wings Combo6 Pc.$6.99

Express Tenders, Gravy & Biscuit

Dinners Include 2 Regular Sides
Express Tenders4 Pc.$4.39
Express Tenders - Dinners4 Pc.$6.39
Express Tenders7 Pc.$7.39
Express Tenders - Dinners7 Pc.$8.99
Express Tenders15 Pc.$14.99
Express Tenders Snack Pack - Dinners (1 Regular Side)2 Pc.$4.19

Chicken & Biscuit

Dinners Include 2 Regular Sides
Chicken & Biscuit2 Pc.$3.69
Chicken & Biscuit - Dinners2 Pc.$5.99
Chicken & Biscuit3 Pc.$5.19
Chicken & Biscuit - Dinners3 Pc.$7.39
Chicken Breast Substitution$0.75
Snack Pack Chicken & Biscuit - Dinners (1 Regular Side)1 Pc.$3.89

Express Hot Wings

Dinners Include 2 Regular Sides
Express Hot Wings6 Pc.$4.99
Express Hot Wings - Dinners6 Pc.$6.99
Express Hot Wings16 Pc.$12.49
Express Hot Wings25 Pc.$17.99

Chicken Family Meals

Includes 6 Biscuits
Chicken Family Meal8 Pc.$12.49
Chicken Family Meal - Dinners (Any 1 Family Side)8 Pc.$14.49
Chicken Family Meal12 Pc.$16.49
Chicken Family Meal - Dinners (Any 2 Family Sides)12 Pc.$20.49
Chicken Family Meal16 Pc.$20.49
Chicken Family Meal - Dinners (Any 3 Family Sides)16 Pc.$26.49
Chicken Breast Substitution$0.75

Express Tenders Family Meals

Includes 16 oz. Gravy & 6 Biscuits
Express Tenders Family Meal20 Pc.$19.49
Express Tenders Family Meal - Dinners (Any 1 Family Side)20 Pc.$21.49
Express Tenders Family Meal25 Pc.$22.49
Express Tenders Family Meal - Dinners (Any 2 Family Sides)25 Pc.$26.49
Express Tenders Family Meal30 Pc.$25.49
Express Tenders Family Meal - Dinners (Any 3 Family Sides)30 Pc.$31.49


French FriesRegular$1.59
French FriesFamily$3.59
Fried OkraRegular$1.59
Fried OkraFamily$3.59
Mashed PotatoesRegular$1.59
Mashed PotatoesFamily$3.59
Cole SlawRegular$1.59
Cole SlawFamily$3.59
Corn on CobRegular$1.59
Corn on CobFamily$3.59
Corn NuggetsRegular$1.59
Corn NuggetsFamily$3.59
Mini PoppersRegular$1.59
Mini PoppersFamily$3.59
Apple PieRegular$1.59
Apple PieFamily$3.59
Fried PicklesRegular$1.59
Fried PicklesFamily$3.59


BBQ, Honey, Chipotle, Marinara, Hot Sauce, Honey Mustard, Ranch Dressing, Cocktail or Tartar Sauces$0.25
Catfish1 Pc.$1.99
Hushpuppies4 Pc.$0.59
Hushpuppies16 Pc.$1.99

Livers/Gizzards, Gravy & Biscuit

Dinners Include 2 Regular Sides
Livers6 Pc.$3.59
Livers - Dinners6 Pc.$5.99
Gizzards9 Pc.$3.59
Gizzards - Dinners9 Pc.$5.99
Livers12 Pc.$5.99
Gizzards18 Pc.$5.99


Soft DrinkMedium$1.39
Soft DrinkLarge$1.93
Soft DrinkJumbo$2.09
Tea - Sweet or UnsweetenedLarge$1.93
Tea - Sweet or UnsweetenedJumbo$2.09
Tea - Sweet or UnsweetenedGallon$3.49
Minute MaidSmall$2.09
Minute MaidMedium$3.09
Minute MaidLarge$4.09
Fruit Smoothies (Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Peach or Mango)Small$2.09
Fruit Smoothies (Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Peach or Mango)Medium$3.09
Fruit Smoothies (Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Peach or Mango)Large$4.09

Chicken Sandwiches

Spicy Chicken Sandwich$3.09
Spicy Chicken Sandwich - Combo$4.99

Catfish & Hushpuppies

Includes 2 Hushpuppies For All, Combo Includes 1 Side & Large Drink, Dinner Includes 2 Sides.
Catfish3 Pc.$5.99
Catfish - Combo3 Pc.$7.99
Catfish - Dinner3 Pc.$7.99
Catfish5 Pc.$7.99
Catfish - Combo5 Pc.$9.99
Catfish - Dinner5 Pc.$9.99

Catfish Meals

Served With 8 Hushpuppies
Catfish13 Pc.$19.99
Catfish Meal (1 Family Side)13 Pc.$21.99
Catfish19 Pc.$27.99
Catfish Meal (2 Family Sides)19 Pc.$31.99

They provide various options in Chicken Express Menu other than their hot and juicy chicken such as their delicious fish fillets and a wide variety of sides. Customers love their sides and the fish fillets as much as they love the delicious chicken of the chicken express. The Chicken Express is now known for their fast and friendly service with the good hospitality and the best quality food. They have also started to provide the catering service to a few selected locations for any occasions and have taken catering in the view of the expansion of the fast-food chain. You may also like Taco Time Menu.

Chicken Express Menu Review

The Chicken Express is famous for its fried chicken and there are a variety of options of it available in Chicken Express Menu. There are also options for family meals, fries, combs, sides, fried fish fillets, and drinks. All the family meals are served with biscuits or rolls and are very fairly priced. For a large gang of people, family meals are the best suitable deal and you can save a lot of money and get a lot of food to eat. The family meals offer 20 or 25 or 30 chicken tender pieces with family sides.

The quality of the food at the Chicken Express is really great. You can taste the freshness of the chicken and the other ingredient in the food they offer. It is their loyalty to their customers that they have grown very successfully in the past years. The side dishes offered at the Chicken Express also maintain the same quality and the great taste. There is a wide variety of sides at the restaurant chain which includes, French fries, fried okra, mashed potatoes, Cole slaw, mac n cheese, green beans, mini poppers, corn on the cob, cheese sticks, corn nuggets, fried pickles slices and many others. All the sides are very fairly prices at the restaurant.

Another specialty of the Chicken Express than their fried chicken is the fried fish fillets. The fish fillets can be ordered in the combos, dinners, family dinners and snacks. They are served mostly with a cocktail or tartar sauce. Almost every of the snack or the side at the Chicken Express is served with jalapenos, extra gravy, biscuits, rolls or sauces, their sauces include BBQ, honey ranch, chipotle ranch, hot sauce, jalapeno ranch, buffalo ranch and honey mustard. Each of their sauce holds a unique composition of flavors. Chicken Express also serves various drinks such as soft drinks, smoothies, sodas and fresh brewed iced tea. Their ice tea is very popular and is known as Chicken E Sweet Tea.


Chicken Express was originally started in 1988 by the Richard and Nancy Stuart in Benbrook, Texas. At that time it was the only fast food chicken delivery business in the locality and provided them with a large cope of expansion and profit. Their slogan was, “Our chicken can’t fly, so we deliver”. The restaurant became a restaurant chain in no time and in the 1990s they started the drive-through concept in their business model. They were already leading in the dine-in and delivery food business but drive through brought an amazing change in their business. Today, they have expanded to even carhop and catering as the part of their food business. Also take a look at Coldstone Menu.

The Chicken Express has over 215 locations in the United States, most of which are in the Southern part of the country, especially in Texas. Oklahoma has 14 of their locations, Louisiana has 2, Georgia has 3 locations and Arkansas has 6 locations of Chicken Express. The first franchise store was opened in 1990 which was an important element to the food chain’s establishment and its franchise system. The Chicken Express’s franchise system work in the owner/operator philosophy where the operator is the owner and hence they will tend to pay more attention to the requirements of the quality food serving at reasonable prices.

Chicken Express has its headquarters located in the Burleson, Texas. The owners have their own company Stuart Group Inc. prior to the opening of the Chicken Express and hence they had an experience of running a business chain. They successfully expanded the Chicken Express over the years and has also received several acknowledgments and awards. The restaurant chain was started 30 years ago and now it has risen up to have become a successful regional franchise. The establishment is constantly seeking qualified franchisees to own and operate their restaurant locations. If “Chicken Express Menu” has some new updates do tell us and all the readers of this website.

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