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Cold Stone Creamery Menu Prices – 2018 | Food Menu with Prices

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Cold Stone Creamery Menu: It is an American ice cream parlor chain which is owned and operated by the Kahala Brands. The Cold Stone Creamery serves their ice creams with approximately 12 – 14 percent butterfat. The Cold Stone Menu is known for their ice cream which is made on the location itself and also customized for the patrons at the time of orders. Not just ice creams but this ice cream parlor chain is also known for their ice cream cake, pies, cookie sandwiches, smoothies, shakes, and iced or blended coffee drinks.

Cold Stone Creamery has been co-branding their company since 2008 in order to not only increase their presence inside and outside the United States but also to transform their business model from seasonal to year round. Cold Stone Creamery has been on the road to becoming number one ice cream parlor chain of America. Currently, the company holds the sixth bestselling brand of ice cream in the US and operates stores in more than 23 countries.

Below are the latest “Cold Stone Menu” Prices.


Ice Cream Signature Creations™

Like ItSmall$5.00
Love ItRegular$5.25
Gotta Have ItLarge$5.75

Create Your Own Ice Cream

Like ItSmall$4.00
Love ItRegular$4.25
Gotta Have ItLarge$4.75
1st Mix-InFREE
Additional Mix-Ins$0.75

Add Ons

Waffle Cone or Bowl$1.00
Dipped Waffle Cone or Bowl$2.00

Hot Stone™

Warm & Delicious™ Desserts
Brownie A La Cold Stone™$5.99
Churro Caramel Crave™$5.99
Chocolate Lava Meltdown™$5.99
No Fair Funnel Cake™$5.99
Hot For Cookie™$5.99

Signature Cakes

RoundSmall 6"$24.00
RoundLarge 8"$32.00
RectangleSmall 8"x12"$44.00
RectangleLarge 12"x18"$62.00
Heart Shaped8"$38.00
Custom Message$3.00

Cold Stone At Home

Ready For Pick Up Now
Signature Pies™$14.00
Ice Cream Cupcakes6-Pack$14.00
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches4-Pack$10.00
Ice Cream1 Quart$8.00


Flavors: Oh Fudge, Very Vanilla, Savory Strawberry, Milk & OREO® Cookies, Cake Batter™ 'n Shake & Cream de Menthe
Like ItSmall$5.00
Love ItRegular$5.75
Additional Mix-Ins$0.75


Flavors: Strawberry Banana, Blueberry Banana, Pineapple Blueberry, Strawberry Mango & Mango Pineapple
Like ItSmall$5.00
Love ItRegular$5.75


Other Drinks$1.65

Cold Stone Creamery Menu Review

Cold Stone Creamery is one of the best ice cream chains in the United States. It has set a standard for the other ice cream stores in the country. The most amazing thing about the “Cold Stone Menu” is that they prepare tier ice cream on the location of their stores and hence you will always have the surety that the batch of ice cream you are having is freshly prepared. Since they prepare their ice creams on the location itself and hence do not use the preservatives and taste enhancers so that their customers get all natural ice cream. You may also like to see Baja Fresh Menu.

The ice cream served at the Cold Stone Creamery is neither very hard nor too soft, it just has the perfect texture. The ice creams just melt right after you put in your mouth. The ice creams at the Cold Stone Creamery are an experience. Moreover, the shakes and the smoothies the stores are also of the same quality and taste. You will get all the products all natural and freshly prepared.

The ice cream cakes prepared at the Cold Stone Creamery are so delicious that you might want to go on a date with them. You can also order for an ice cream cake according to your personal choices or you can have some of the most delicious special ice cream cakes prepared by the company. The service and the quality of ice cream offered by the Cold Stone Creamery really fit into the equation for the price they ask for.

Cold Stone Menu Specialties

CHOCOLATE DEVOTION ICE CREAM: This is like an island of chocolate where you can dive in the sea of chocolate and spend all your summer under the chocolate sky. This special ice cream is served as chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips, brownie, and fudge.

CHEESECAKE FANTASY ICE CREAM: This is a specialty of the Cold Stone Creamery where they serve their cheesecake ice cream with graham cracker pie crust with the blueberries and strawberries on the top of it. This is like imagination coming to reality for the land of awesomeness.

MIDNIGHT DELIGHT CAKE: This is the most chocolaty cake you will ever taste. This cake is made up of layers of chocolate over chocolate. The layers of this cake are of moist Devil’s Food Cake, fudge and chocolate ice cream with chocolate shavings wrapped in rich fudge ganache.

COOKIES AND CREAMERY CAKE: This is a cloud of devil’s food cake which is rained down OREO Cookies into a sea of ice cream. The cake is made up of layers of moist devil’s fruit cake and sweet cream ice cream with Oreo cookies wrapped in a fluffy white frosting.

MOCHA FRAPPE: What can be better than putting ice cream and coffee together? Well, you get the greatest afternoon break of all time. The mocha frappe is an iced blended coffee drink with fudge and whipped topping. This is amazing drink will take you directly to the seven heavens. Also take a look at WaBa Grill Menu.

ColdStone Menu History

The company was started in 1988 by Donald and Susan Sutherland who wanted to serve the ice cream just the way they like it; neither hard packed nor soft served. They made and presented their “smooth and creamy super premium ice cream”. In the early 1990s, the store moved from its original location to the location of its current headquarters. The Cold Stone Creamery has maintained their original business model which was created by Steve Herrell of Steve’s Ice Cream.

In 1995, the ColdStone Menu Creamery started its franchising with its first franchise store which was open in Tucson, Arizona. And now Cold Stone Creamery has opened their stores in more than 20 nations all across the world including the countries such as Japan, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Mexico, China and many more. It is the 6th best selling ice cream store in the US and was named 11th fastest growing franchise by Entrepreneur magazine in 2006. 

In 2007, the “Cold Stone Creamery Menu” merged with the Kahala Corporation which collectively owns 13 brands. With the major changes in the company, it started to grow even further and today the Cold Stone Creamery Menu is one of the best ice cream parlor chain of the world. If “Cold Stone Menu” has some new updates do tell us and all the readers of this website.

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