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Dutch Bros Menu Prices – 2018 | Food Menu with Prices

Dutch Bros Menu Prices

Dutch Bros Menu is loved by a lot of people as they are the coffee chain which offers not only coffee but other beverages as their core menu. Dutch Bros Coffee Menu is mostly famous for their drive-through coffee stands all around America. Dutch Bros also offers a variety of coffee in hot and iced variety, several fruit flavored smoothies and their own special energy drink Blue Rebel. The quality assurance of the products and materials used by the Dutch Bros coffee are good and are the reason for maintaining the satisfaction of their customers.

Dutch Bros are the coffee chain which provides their customers with the satisfaction of trust and good quality. Dutch Bros coffee roasts their coffee themselves. A three-beam blend sourced from direct relationships with Salvadoran, Brazilian and Colombian coffee plantations. The Dutch Bros uses the ingredients such as Torani syrups, a blend of Dutch Chocolate Milk, Oregon Chai, Pacific soy milk and Harney & Sons Tea for the flavoring of their beverages.

Below are the latest “Dutch Bros Menu” prices.


Dutch Classics

Hot or Iced
White Chocolate MochaSmall$3.00
White Chocolate MochaMedium$3.50
White Chocolate MochaLarge$4.50
Chai TeaSmall$3.00
Chai TeaMedium$3.50
Chai TeaLarge$4.50
Double TortureSmall$3.00
Double TortureMedium$3.50
Double TortureLarge$4.50
Extra Shot$0.50


Smoothie Flavors: Wildberry, Peach, Blueberry Pomegranate, Green Apple, Mango, and Strawberry
Dutch Freeze16 oz.$3.50
Dutch Freeze24 oz.$4.50
Dutch Freeze32 oz.$6.50
Dutch Frost16 oz.$3.50
Dutch Frost24 oz.$4.50
Dutch Frost32 oz.$6.50

Blue Rebel Energy Drink

Iced or Blended
Blue Rebel16 oz.$3.50
Blue Rebel24 oz.$4.50
Blue Rebel32 oz.$6.50

Infused Teas & Sodas

Dutch TeaSmall$1.75
Dutch TeaMedium$2.25
Dutch TeaLarge$3.00
Dutch SodaSmall$1.75
Dutch SodaMedium$2.25
Dutch SodaLarge$3.00

Private Reserve

Dutch CocoaSmall$2.00
Dutch CocoaMedium$2.50
Dutch CocoaLarge$3.00
Dutch Bros Cups (Single Serve)12 Pc.$10.00

Jr. Mafia

Mini Frost$2.25
Mini Smoothie$2.25


Muffin Tops$2.00
Granola Bars$2.00

Alternative Options

Add Almond, Soy or Coconut Milk$0.50

Specialties in Dutch Bros Menu

BANANA SPLIT MOCHA: Banana split is one of a flavor of the mocha drinks served at the Dutch Bros and it is one of their signature beverage. The banana split can be ordered in the hot or iced variety and it serves you the flavors of vanilla, banana and dark chocolate with of course coffee.

BLACK FOREST LATTE: Black forest flavor at the Dutch Bros is available in almost all of their beverages but the Black Forest Latte is quite famous for sure. This drink is also served in the hot and iced variety and it provides you the flavors of Dark Chocolate and cherry in a regular latte.

FRENCH VANILLA BEAN BREVE: The simple Breve mixed with the Vanilla and Caramel gives you the French Vanilla Bean Breve of the Dutch Bros coffee. This beverage is served in the hot and iced variety like all other drinks of the Dutch Bros coffee.

TRIFECTA FROST: Trifecta Frost is a frosting flavor served at the Dutch Brothers. The Trifecta is flavored with the caramel, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. This drink will give you the freezing and satisfying experience. Trifecta Frost will cool down all of the strain from your hard working day and is a must try from Dutch Bros Menu.

BIRTHDAY CAKE FREEZE: This is a cold drink which is made especially for your kids. This drink is served with the confetti sprinkles to lure your kids to drink it. This cold coffee is served with the almond roca and white chocolate. This freeze will definitely provide you the feeling of a birthday in a cold beverage.

Dutch Bros Menu Review

The prices of the “Dutch Bros Coffee Menu” are quite comparable to other coffee chains in America but a few are cheaper than others. Their energy drink, Blue Rebel is quite cheaper as compared to the canned energy drinks. On the whole “Dutch Bros” provides a greater quality of beverages than most of the coffee chains at lesser prices. Moreover, the employees of the coffee chain are committed to providing their customers with the most positive experience they can get a coffee shop.

The ingredients used at the Dutch Bros Coffee drive-through chain are the most exotic and high-quality ones. You can taste the greatness of the ingredients in the beverages they offer. The service provided at the Dutch Bros coffee is the best experience. You can see the commitment they make to provide their customers with the genuine care and positive interaction.

You also do not need to wait for a long time to get your drink. Dutch Bros Menu make sure that your time has the utmost value. They provide you with your order within a certain time limit and still maintain their good flavors. They have a sense of urgency which ensure that their customer’s time is sent living life beyond their window.


Dutch Bros coffee was founded in 1992 and within 25 years the coffee chain has been able to establish itself in America. The founder brothers Dane and Travis Boersma worked at a coffee stand at Dutcher Creek Golf Course in Grants Pass. They got the inspiration for their work and decided to open a coffee stand of their own. The brothers bought an espresso machine and experimented with coffee and a hundred pounds of milk. First, they served the free samples to their family, friends, and acquaintances and then they started their own pushcart set up to serve mochas and lattes. With time they established their operation and expanded themselves to be one of the most famous and popular coffee drive-through chains. If “Dutch Bros Menu” has some new updates do tell us and all the readers of this website.

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