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Freddy’s Menu: Frozen Custard and Steak Burgers Menu Prices – 2018

Freddy's Menu

Freddy’s Menu consists of some of the best Frozen Custard and Steak Burgers, Freddy’s is an American fast food chain which specializes in American classic delicacy. Freddy’s is a very popular fast food chain in southern states, especially in Kansas where it was originally started. The headquarters of the fast food chain restaurant is also located in Wichita, Kansas. The name of the restaurant chain itself suggests that the chain is famous for their frozen custards and steak burgers. Other than these the restaurant chain also serves their customers with hotdogs, chicken sandwiches, and sundaes. The sundaes at the Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steak Burgers are also available in special blends which are popularly known as ‘concretes’.

Freddy’s is based on the philosophy that the meals are better served when home cooked and they want to give this experience to their customers as well. Freddy’s is famous for their Steak Burgers and Frozen Custards but the hot dogs at the restaurants are the best hotdogs you will taste in the country. They offer 3 different kinds of hotdogs on Freddy’s Menu which are namely, regular, Chicago style and chilly cheese. The customers are very fond of the hotdogs at Freddy’s. Other than hot dogs, the restaurant chain also offer various types of chicken and meat burgers and sandwiches. The Frozen custard, which is the specialty of the chain is prepared with utmost care and expertise. The frozen yogurt is prepared every day and served fresh to the customers.

Below are the latest “Freddy’s Menu” prices.



Includes Fries & Drink

Freddy’s Original Double$7.59
Freddy’s Hot Dog$5.29
Chicago Dog – Freddy’s Style$6.09
Single Steakburger & Hot Dog$8.19
Original Double Patty Melt$7.89
Double Steakburger California Style$8.09
Bacon & Cheese Double Steakburger$8.39
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich$7.29



Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight or Chocolate Brownie Delight SundaeMini$3.89
Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight or Chocolate Brownie Delight SundaeRegular$4.59
Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight or Chocolate Brownie Delight SundaeLarge$5.29
Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight or Chocolate Brownie Delight ConcreteMini$4.69
Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight or Chocolate Brownie Delight ConcreteRegular$5.49
Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight or Chocolate Brownie Delight ConcreteLarge$6.49

Famous Concrete

Any Single Topping Mixed In

Famous ConcreteMini$3.99
Famous ConcreteRegular$4.59
Famous ConcreteLarge$5.29

Other Classics

Dish or Cake ConeSingle$2.69
Dish or Cake ConeDouble$3.39
Dish or Cake ConeTriple$3.99
Waffle ConeSingle$3.49
Waffle ConeDouble$4.19
Waffle ConeTriple$4.79
Shake or MaltMini$3.69
Shake or MaltRegular$4.39
Shake or MaltLarge$4.99
Oreo Custard Cookie SandwichSingle$1.69
Oreo Custard Cookie Sandwich6-Pack$8.45
Carry-Out CartonsPint$3.99
Carry-Out CartonsQuart$6.99
Custard Cake$22.99
Extra Topping & Mix-In$0.80

Savory Sandwiches

Combo Includes Fries & Drink

Freddy’s Original Double$5.09
Freddy’s Original Double – Combo$7.59
Single Steakburger$3.39
Single Steakburger – Combo$5.49
Triple Steakburger$6.69
Triple Steakburger – Combo$8.39
Double Steakburger California Style$6.09
Double Steakburger California Style – Combo$8.09
Single Steakburger California Style$4.39
Single Steakburger California Style – Combo$6.49
Triple Steakburger California Style$7.59
Triple Steakburger California Style – Combo$9.29
Original Double Patty Melt$5.89
Original Double Patty Melt – Combo$7.89
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich$5.29
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich – Combo$7.29
Veggie Burger$5.69
Veggie Burger – Combo$7.69

Delicious Dogs

Combo Includes Fries & Drink

Hot Dog$2.89
Hot Dog – Combo$5.29
Chicago Dog – Freddy’s Style$3.69
Chicago Dog – Freddy’s Style – Combo$6.09
Chili Cheese Dog$3.89
Chili Cheese Dog – Combo$6.29

Other Favorites

Chicken Tenders3 Pc.$4.49
Chicken Tenders – Combo3 Pc.$6.49
Chicken Tenders5 Pc.$5.49
Chicken Tenders – Combo5 Pc.$7.49
Chili Bowl$3.99
Chili Bowl – Combo$6.29
Freddy’s FriesRegular$2.09
Freddy’s FriesLarge$2.49
Cheese Fries$2.89
Chili Cheese Fries$4.09
Onion Rings$2.79

Kids Meals

Includes Small Fries & Drink

Chicken Tenders$4.69
Hot Dog$4.69
Grilled Cheese$3.99


Cheese Sauce$0.80


Soft DrinkSmall$1.79
Soft DrinkRegular$1.99
Soft DrinkLarge$2.19
Freshly Brewed Iced TeaSmall$1.79
Freshly Brewed Iced TeaRegular$1.99
Freshly Brewed Iced TeaLarge$2.19

Freddy’s Menu Specialties

CHICAGO HOTDOG: the infamous hotdog is served in a toasted bun along with all beef hotdog which is topped with mustard, relish, onion, sports peppers, celery salt, tomato, and pickle. This amazing hotdog is made with classic Chicago style and served hot to the customers.

TRIPLE STEAK BURGER CALIFORNIA STYLE: this California style steak burger is made with three steak burger patties which are placed inside a toasted bun with slices of cheese between them and topped with sliced onions, Freddy’s special sauce, lettuce, and tomato. This is the biggest steak burger in the restaurant chain and is capable enough to satisfy your large appetite.

CUSTARD CAKE: this custard cake is available in two flavors; creamy vanilla and chocolate frozen. This cake is served with your choice of toppings and mix-ins and is layered with a yellow cake to create a specialty. This cake is one of its kind and both of its flavors are so delicious that you will be pleased to die for.

HAWAIIAN DELIGHT CONCRETE: this concrete blend is prepared with fresh and creamy vanilla custard along with several fresh fruits such as pineapple, coconut, strawberry, and macadamia nuts. The concrete is served with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

CHILI CHEESE FRIES: this is a plate of fries which are topped with a thick sauce of chili along with a lot of jalapeno cheese sauce and diced onions. This plate of chili fries are the best side dish and gives you the experience of American dining.

Freddy’s Menu Review

The famous steak burger of Freddy’s is made with the lean, high-quality beef and is cooked according to the order. The steak burger of Freddy’s is able to make its name because of the fact that the company employees are very strict about the quality of the ingredients and method of cooking. The Frozen Yogurt is made with the finest dairy products in the country. The Frozen Yogurt is prepared fresh every day and no leftovers from previous days are served to the customers. These are the reason for their namesake items to maintain their name and popularity amongst the customers.

The décor and design of each of the restaurant at Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steak Burgers is done with the point of view that they want to provide a home-like environment and to serve the customers with homemade meals. Their motive to provide the customers with the greatest family dining experience at their restaurants. Entering any of Freddy’s location, you will find the atmosphere of the late 40s and 50s, to the time when lives were simpler and fun to enjoy. Restaurants of Freddy’s have table and chairs along with booths to provide the essence of that era.

Freddy’s is also known for their splendid sides which include chili cheese fries, chicken tenders, and onion rings. Sides can be added along with the meals to give extra flavors in the meal. The restaurant chain’s exclusive range of ‘concrete’ drinks, half milkshake and half frozen custards are also very famous. The custards are available in a wide range of flavors which includes flavors like Hawaiian Delight and Chocolate Brownie. The staff at the Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steak Burgers are very delightful and welcoming. They always try to provide their customers with a warm and comfortable dining experience.


Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steak Burgers were initially started in 2002 by Simon brothers, Bill and Randy Simon along with their friend Scott Redler. The name Freddy’s comes after the name of the father of Simon brothers who had been their cooking mentor and inspiration. The founders were pretty clear on the motto of their restaurant business which is going to be to serve the American home cooking experience around the large family tables to the customers. The restaurant gained success soon and began its franchising by the year 2004.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steak Burgers have been growing very rapidly since its franchising. It took no time to get to their 100th restaurant which was opened in the year 2013. And now the company has more than 200 restaurants in America and is still continuing to grow. The company is looking forward to its international expansion along with opening their stores in most of the states of the country. This will help to grow their name even more and will help them to get recognition in the global market. Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steak Burgers are continuing to grow with the ambition to conquer the fast food industry. If “Freddy’s Menu” has some new updates do tell us and all the readers of this website.

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