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Potbelly Menu Sandwiches, Salads, Sides Prices – 2018 | Food Menu with Prices

Potbelly Menu

Potbelly Menu Sandwich Works is a restaurant chain primarily based in America which is famous for its submarine sandwiches and other food. Potbelly was initially started out as an antique store, but it evolved as a food chain. The food chain has expanded itself to the countries such as the United Arab Emirates, India, Canada and the United Kingdom. Potbelly Sandwich Works has the headquarters situated at Chicago, Illinois. The food chain mainly features a wide variety of sandwiches which are all served hot, but the menu also includes soups, mats, shakes, smoothies, and cookies. Many restaurants in the food chain consist of a live music station from local musicians during lunch hours.

Potbelly Sandwich Works offers a fantastic array of subway options at a very reasonable price. Potbelly sandwich menu includes Club Sandwich, Smoked Ham, Tuna Salad, Pizza Sandwich, Grilled Chicken, Roast beef, Mediterranean Sandwich, Meatball Sandwich Sicilian Sandwich and more. All of the items on the Potbelly Menu are made with all fresh ingredients and meats which are bought new every day. The quality of the products is checked before serving. Potbelly makes their subs out of multigrain wheat bread only to provide a nutritional content to their customers. The chefs at the Potbelly make the sandwiches as a complete meal and try to embed great flavors in them.

Below are the latest “Potbelly Menu Prices.



Turkey BreastOriginal$4.80
Turkey BreastBig$6.00
Smoked HamOriginal$4.80
Smoked HamBig$6.00
Grilled Chicken MediterraneanOriginal$6.20
Grilled Chicken MediterraneanBig$7.40
Tuna SaladOriginal$4.80
Tuna SaladBig$6.00
Pizza SandwichOriginal$5.00
Pizza SandwichBig$6.40
A WreckOriginal$5.00
A WreckBig$6.40
Grilled ChickenOriginal$5.40
Grilled ChickenBig$6.60
Roast BeefOriginal$4.80
Roast BeefBig$6.00
Chicken SaladOriginal$4.80
Chicken SaladBig$6.00
PB & JOriginal$4.40
PB & JBig$5.50

Skinny Pair

A Side of Soup & Your Favorite Skinny$6.80


Roast Beef$5.00
Chicken Salad$5.00
Toasty Turkey BLT$6.10
A Wreck$5.20
Grilled Chicken & Cheddar$5.60
Smoked Ham$5.00
Grilled Chicken Mediterranean$6.40
Tuna Salad$5.00


Chicken Mediterranean Salad$7.35
Farmhouse Salad$7.35
Farmhouse Salad (No Chicken)$6.35
Chicken Salad Salad$6.45
Chickpea Veggie Salad$6.45
Uptown Salad$7.35
Uptown Salad (No Chicken)$6.35
Wreck Salad$6.45

Soups & Chili

Broccoli CheddarCup$3.20
Broccoli CheddarBowl$4.50
Chicken EnchiladaCup$3.20
Chicken EnchiladaBowl$4.50
Sriracha Black BeanCup$3.20
Sriracha Black BeanBowl$4.50
Loaded Baked PotatoCup$3.20
Loaded Baked PotatoBowl$4.50
Garden VegetableCup$3.20
Garden VegetableBowl$4.50
Chicken NoodleCup$3.20
Chicken NoodleBowl$4.50

Sides & Desserts

Side Salad$1.70
Sugar Cookie$1.25
Ice Cream Sandwich$2.80
Mini Chocolate Cookies2 Pack$1.00
Dream Bar$1.50
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.25
Chocolate Brownie Cookie$1.25
Bag Mini Cookies12 Pc.$3.90


Arizona Tea$1.85
Nantucket Nectar$2.05
San Pellegrino$2.10
Izze Blackberry$1.90
Sobe Yum-Pom$2.10
Sobe Fuji Apple$2.10
Bottled Soda20 oz.$1.85
Bottled Water16 oz.$1.60
Bottled Water25 oz.$2.10
San Pellegrino Rosa$1.85
Izze Grapefruit$1.90


Classic Shake$2.90
Classic Smoothie$2.90
Fruit Shake$3.20
Fruit Smoothie$3.20
Salted Caramel Shake or Smoothie$3.20

Box O'Sandwiches

6 Minimum Orders
Full Belly (Sandwich, Side Salad, Chips & Cookie)Each$9.35
Perfect Belly (Sandwich, Chips & Cookie)Each$7.65
Basic Belly ((Sandwich & Chips)Each$6.40
Just Sandwich (Only Sandwich)Each$5.20

Bowl O'Salads

Farmhouse SaladGroup$39.00
Farmhouse Salad (No Chicken)Group$37.00
Uptown SaladGroup$39.00
Uptown Salad (No Chicken)Group$37.00

Soup For A Group

Broccoli CheddarGroup$28.00
Chicken EnchiladaGroup$28.00
Sriracha Black BeanGroup$28.00
Loaded Baked PotatoGroup$28.00
Garden VegetableGroup$28.00
Chicken NoodleGroup$28.00
Bowl O' Mac & CheeseGroup$38.00

Potbelly Menu Specialties

CLASSIC CUBAN SANDWICH: The fast-food chain serves the classic Cuban sandwich, and it is the most delicious version of it. The sandwich is made with tender, slow roasted pulled pork and smoked ham with melted Swiss cheese. The sandwich is topped with crisp pickle slices and special Potbelly mustard and is served between multi-grain bread slices.

A WRECK SANDWICH: This is the signature sandwich of the Potbelly Sandwich Works. This sandwich is made with Salami, Angus roast beef, hickory smoked ham and oven roasted turkey. The meat has melted Swiss cheese over it, and the sandwich is topped with fresh lettuce, tomato, and mayo and is served in between multi-grain bread slices.

ITALIAN SANDWICH: The Italian Sandwich of the Potbelly Sandwich Works features four authentic Italian slices of meat; capicola, mortadella, pepperoni and salami with provolone cheese. The sandwich is topped with fresh lettuce, mayo, tomato and Italian seasoning and is served in between multi-grain bread slices.

GARDEN VEGETABLE SOUP: the soup is made with fresh vegetables which include Beans, carrots, celery, corn, mushrooms, onions, peppers, potatoes, and zucchini. The greens are cooked in light tomato broth and served hot and fresh to the customers. This soup is available only on Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday.

MEDITERRANEAN SALAD: this salad is made with all natural grilled chicken breast, chickpeas, artichoke hearts, crisp cucumbers, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, diced red onions, crumbled feta cheese and Italian seasoning. The salad is served on a bed of fresh romaine, spinach, and iceberg.

CLUBBY SANDWICH: The special sandwich of the Potbelly Sandwich Works is made with hand sliced turkey breast, Nueske’s bacon and hickory smoked ham which is topped with melted provolone cheese. The sandwich is topped with fresh lettuce, buttermilk ranch dressing, and tomatoes and is served between multi-grain bread slices.

MEDITERRANEAN SQUARE SANDWICH: this breakfast sandwich is small in size and is perfect to start your morning with. The sandwich is made with egg, spinach, feta cheese and roasted red peppers which are served on a ciabatta square.

Potbelly Sandwich Works offers their food items under the 500 calories to provide a light calorie diet to their customers. For the extreme diet control people, the food chain has the option for skinny subs, which are sub sandwiches with a thin cut bread and a calorie content of fewer than 350 calories. The restaurant chain was set up with the motto, “Just your neighborhood Sandwich Shop.” Each restaurant of the food chain bears a different décor with an old antique stove which brings uniqueness to the atmosphere. The environment of the Potbelly restaurants offers a warm neighborhood vibe.

Potbelly Menu Review

Potbelly Sandwich Works is known for their delicious and healthy sandwiches. They are also famous for their soups, smoothies, salads, and loaves of bread. The company made to the list of 500 of America’s fastest-growing private companies list. Potbelly has been growing and serving their delicious products to the customers. Moreover, all of the restaurants in the company have unique décor along with the signature antique stove. The staff of the potbelly is amiable and always thrives on delivering an excellent service to the guests.

The Potbelly Menu offers their customers a lot of variety of the specialty sandwiches. A few of the most famous sandwiches are Club Sandwich, Smoked Ham, Tuna Salad, Pizza Sandwich, Grilled Chicken, Roast beef, Mediterranean Sandwich, and Meatball Sandwich Sicilian Sandwich. These sandwiches are priced between $4 and $8 and are available in two different size options. The customers can choose the size option and the sides according to their appetite and will.

Potbelly Sandwich works is also famous for their flats which includes pizza, meatball, wreck, toasty turkey BLT, smoked ham and tuna salad. The price range of flats is from $5 to $6.50. The flats are an excellent choice when you are looking for something fast and casual during breakfast or lunch. The healthy and fresh ingredients are used to prepare the salads at the fast-food chain. The Farmhouse salad and Chicken Mediterranean salad are the most famous choices amongst the options in the Potbelly Menu. The Potbelly menu prices of salads are from $4 to $ 8. At the stores of the Potbelly, the nutritional content of all of the items on the menu is listed for the customer convenience.

They also offers a wide variety of soups in Potbelly Menu. Broccoli Cheddar, Chicken Enchilada, Classic Tomato, Chili, Garden vegetable, loaded baked potato and Sriracha Black Bean are the favored options in the soups section of the menu. The soups are prepared fresh every day and are cooked separately for each order. This is done to maintain the taste and the quality of the servings. The soups are priced between $3 and $5 at the Potbelly stores and are offered in two different bowl sizes.

Potbelly Sandwich Works offers sides such as Chips, Side salad, and pickle. They also offer desserts such as Sugar cookie, chocolate chip cookie, brownie, bream bar, mini chocolate cookie, ice cream sandwich and oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. The sides and dessert are priced between $1 and $4. Along with that, the fast food store also offers classic smoothie, fruit shake, and salted caramel smoothie. The beverages are priced from $2 to $4. Potbelly Sandwich Works is a fantastic place to have lunch or dinner. The stores provide a fresh and calm environment which is very relaxing and pleasing.


The origin of Potbelly Sandwich Works was not of a restaurant chain, and rather the company started out as an antique store in 1977 with the name Hindsight. The owner Peter Hastings soon realize that shopping antiques take a lot of time and the customers become hungry while shopping. The store started to offer sandwiches to accommodate customer’s needs, but soon their customers became famous, and people started to visit the store more for the sandwiches and less for the antique shopping. The owners soon began a separate sandwich bar in their shop and later turned their shop into a sandwich café. The original store is located at 2264 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago.

In 1996, Bryant Keil purchased the original store with the plan to expand the company. He opened the second Potbelly restaurant in 1997. Between 205 and 2008, the restaurant chain was able to develop itself to open 200 stores. In 2007, Potbelly began its first breakfast located in the airport at Midway, Chicago. In the same year, the company also opened their first drive-through featuring the restaurant in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Potbelly Sandwich Works went global in 2011 by opening their first international store in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Potbelly Sandwich Works opened their first European store in London in 2015. The London Potbelly location also has its unique antique stove. In 2017, Potbelly began their first franchise in India at Cyber City, Gurgaon.

By August 2017, Potbelly Sandwich Works had 424 owned stores and 54 franchised stores. All of the Potbelly stores use the memorabilia of the local antique stores to decorate their stores. This is done to maintain its original feel and to maintain its individuality in the world of competition. All of the stores of Potbelly Sandwich Works has the signature antique potbelly stove at their stations. Due to this, the company is also known as the largest antique stove collector. Each of their stores has its unique antique stove. According to the CEO Alan Johnson, the antique stove has become their trademark and their mascot in the global food market. If “Potbelly Menu” has some new updates do tell us and all the readers of this website.

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