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Sonny’s BBQ Menu Prices – 2018 | Food Menu with Prices

Sonny's BBQ Menu

Sonny’s BBQ Menu is a widely loved American barbeque restaurant chain which was first started in 1968. The restaurant specializes in Southern-style barbeque dishes and platters. Sonn’s BBQ has become one of the most amazing BBQ destinations for the Americans over its journey of 50 years. “Sonny’s BBQ Menu” delights their customers with the Southern Style barbeque including pulled pork, sliced pork, baby back ribs, buffalo wings, St. Louis style ribs and beef basket. Not just only this, the restaurant is also famous for their beef brisket, burgers, appetizers, and sides.

Along with the amazing taste, Sonny’s BBQ has set up their name in the American food market over the years. The BBQ restaurant chain is known for their good quality meat and high-quality control at every one of their locations. Sonny’s BBQ has more than 120 locations across the nine southeastern states. Sonny’s BBQ offers their customers the dine in, drive through, delivery and pick up options. Moreover, recently the company has started their catering services with a few selected stores and are looking forward to expanding this policy.

Below are the latest “Sonny’s BBQ Menu” Prices.



Redneck Egg Rolls118$4.99
Chicken Wings (10 count)1125$8.29
Chicken Wings (20 count)2250$13.99
Corn Nuggets608$3.99
Onion Rings724$4.99
Fried Okra417$3.99

Garden Of Eatin

Bottomless Salad Bar30$7.99
Bottomless Salad Bar (with Signature BBQ Meat)412$10.49
BBQ Chicken Salad734$8.99
Smokin' Chicken Caesar1014$8.99
Backyard Garden Caesar586$8.99
Brunswick Garden Salad480$2.99
Soup Of The Day490$3.29

Grilled And Golden

Sonny's Steakburger929$7.99
Chargrilled Chicken260$10.69
Golden Fried Shrimp190$12.59
Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich384$7.99
Pitmaster's Pride Burger760$10.99


Baby Back1270$15.99
Sweet And Smokey1364$13.99
House Dry-Rubbed1205$13.99
Rib Sampler1544$15.99


Pulled Pork745$10.99
Sliced Pork444$10.99
Pulled Pork Sandwich614$5.39
Sliced Pork Sandwich496$5.39
Sweet Carolina Sandwich580$6.99
Make It A Big Deal780$3.00
Family Feast2139$40.99
Sonny's Sampler1544$15.49
Pork 3 Ways1449$14.49
Chicken And Pork595$12.69
Chicken And Ribs1038$13.69
Shrimp And Ribs1591$13.99


Half Chicken540$9.99
Half Chicken (with all white meat)1080$10.99
Pulled Chicken515$10.69
Pulled Chicken Sandwich486$5.39


Beef Brisket929$12.79
Beef Brisket Sandwich716$5.99
Smokin' Gun Sandwich680$7.99


Smoked Turkey240$10.89
Smoked Turkey Sandwich360$5.39


Original Recipe BBQ Beans147.61$2.29
Crinkle-Cut Fries363$2.29
Homemade Coleslaw216$2.29
Green Beans95$2.29
Baked Sweet Potato293$2.29
Corn On The Cobb140$2.29
Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese213$2.29
Cinnamon Apples171$2.29
Baked Potato264$2.29

All You Can Eat

Sweet And Smokey Ribs1364$15.99
House Dry-Rubbed Ribs1205$15.99
BBQ Chicken1080$11.99
Pulled Or Sliced Pork444-745$13.99


Homemade Fruit Cobbler333-348$3.79
Homestyle Banana Pudding367$3.29
Double Chocolate Brownie Bliss1470$4.49

Sonny’s BBQ Menu Specialties

BBQ SALAD: One of the most special kinds of salad which you should try at Sonny’s BBQ. It is made up of mixed greens. Grilled corn, tomato, cucumber, diced red onion and shredded cheddar tossed with ranch dressing. The salad is topped with crispy onion straws and sweet BBQ sauce. You can add your favorite BBQ meat to the serving.

PORK THREE WAYS: This is a platter which made the Sonny’s famous. This platter serves you with pulled pork, sliced pork and St. Louis Ribs along with bread slices, and two sides of your choice.

WHOLE HOG BURGER: This burger is served with no patty but with the sliced pork and pulled pork inside it. The burgers are topped with Jalapeno cheddar hot links and sweet BBQ sauce. Also take a look at Mimi’s Cafe Menu.

Sonnys Menu Review

Sonny’s BBQ can be seen as a local food joint but it has managed to take a soft place in the heart of the Americans. You can visit any of the locations of the Sonny’s and will find the reason behind it. The mouthwatering Barbeque and the southern style cooking gives every customer of Sonny’s BBQ an amazing experience. Many customers have compared their ribs with the heaven.

At Sonny’s BBQ, they make sure that the food they serve is of the superior quality and the customers should never have any complaint about it. Hygiene is a major concern for in slow-cooked food, especially barbeque. Many of their signature dishes and the barbeque items are cooked over a long period of time and hence there are a lot of issues to handle with the concern of hygiene and the quality control which are taken very seriously at Sonny’s BBQ.

The signature BBQ, sidekicks, grilled and golden are the few to name dishes which are very popular at Sonny’s BBQ. The taste and the authenticity of the flavors are very particularly concerned at the company. The cooks and the employees at the restaurant chain trying to create a wonderful experience for the customers with the food they serve. The Sonny’s BBQ Prices are very convenient for most of the people. The prices are kept within the reach of the average people.

The service provided by the workers is also very greatly taken care of. The owners and the workers of Sonny’s BBQ work very hard to make their customers happy with the experience at the restaurant. The place is amazing and is a must-have eating experience. The place becomes memorable with the flavors and the food served here. You will want to keep coming back here for the urge of BBQ.


Sonny’s real pit Bar B Q was started on April 17, 1968, by Floyd ‘Sonny’ Tillman and his wife in Gainesville, Florida. The company was very popular from the very start and the food served was more than just delicious. With the increasing popularity, Sonny’s real pit Bar B Q started franchising their brand in 1977 with a southern style BBQ menu consisting of beef, ribs, pork, chicken, beans and other sides. You may also like to see PDQ Menu. In just 10 years, the company expanded itself to more than 8- restaurants across six states in the country. Soon after that, Tillman sold his company to Bob Yarmuth in 1991.

In the early 2000s, Sonny’s real pit Bar B Q was the largest BBQ restaurant chain in the United States with over 150 locations in the nine states. In 2013, the company’s name was changed to Sonny’s BBQ and their headquarters was moved to Winter Park Florida. Even after retaining his ownership from the franchise, Tillman’s birthday is celebrated as a special event by the restaurant on each August 14. If “Sonny’s BBQ Menu” has some new updates do tell us and all the readers of this website.

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