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Tropical Smoothie Menu Prices Cafe and Food – 2018 | Food Menu with Prices

Tropical Smoothie Menu

Tropical Smoothie Menu is an America based restaurant franchise, the name itself suggests that the place is famous for its smoothies which are served in several different classic and exotic flavors. In addition to smoothies, the restaurant Cafe chain is also famous for their sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, flatbreads, and bowls. Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a 20-year-old smoothie franchise which has over 650 locations in the country. The restaurant chain has been able to serve their smoothies for such a long period and has maintained its name in the food market. The motto of the company has always been to serve top quality food and smoothies to the customers. This is one of the biggest reason for the success of the Tropical Smoothie Cafe as a brand.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu has become one of the leading foodservice providing the brand of America. Tropical Smoothie Cafe serves great quality food and distinguishes itself from the other smoothie shops. It is said that the restaurant Cafe chain has the recipe for success. It was all started with a smoothie shop which begins its franchising 5 years later. Since then the chain has continued to evolve. The chain added eatery in their menu and has been expanding it ever since. The customers at the Tropical Smoothie Cafe love their smoothies as well as their food. The chain does not serve various types of food but only a few simple and classic American recipes which go well with the smoothies.

Below are the latest “Tropical Smoothie Menu” prices.


Classic Smoothies

Sunrise Sunset24 oz.$3.99
Kiwi Quencher24 oz.$3.99
Paradise Point24 oz.$3.99
Sunny Day24 oz.$3.99
Mango Magic24 oz.$3.99
Blimey Limey24 oz.$3.99
Blueberry Bliss24 oz.$3.99
Rockin' Raspberry24 oz.$3.99
Strawberry Limeade24 oz.$3.99
Peaches 'n Silk24 oz.$3.99
Jetty Punch24 oz.$3.99

Superfoods Smoothies

Island Green24 oz.$4.99
Totally Green24 oz.$4.99
Acai Berry Boost24 oz.$4.99
Pomegranate Plunge24 oz.$4.99
Caribbean C-Burst24 oz.$4.99
Get Up and Goji24 oz.$4.99
Detox Island Green24 oz.$4.99

Supercharged Smoothies

Triple Berry Oat24 oz.$4.99
Peanut Paradise24 oz.$4.99
Health Nut24 oz.$4.99
Lean Machine24 oz.$4.99
Muscle Blaster24 oz.$4.99

Indulgent Smoothies

Bahama Mama24 oz.$4.49
Peanut Butter Cup24 oz.$4.49
Beach Bum24 oz.$4.49
Mocha Madness24 oz.$4.49

Smoothie Add-Ons

Fresh Add-Ins$0.99

Smoothie Specials

Any Smoothie and Your Choice of Half Sandwich or Half Salad$6.99
Add 24 oz. Smoothie to Any Flatbread, Sandwich, Wrap, Salad, or Two Tacos$3.00


Smoked Jalapeno Chicken2 Pc.$5.49
Smoked Jalapeno Chicken3 Pc.$8.49
Thai Chili Steak2 Pc.$5.49
Thai Chili Steak3 Pc.$8.49
Cilantro Lime Fish2 Pc.$5.49
Cilantro Lime Fish3 Pc.$8.49
Korean BBQ Steak2 Pc.$5.49
Korean BBQ Steak3 Pc.$8.49


Chipotle Chicken Club$3.99
Tzatziki Steak$3.99
Chicken Pesto$3.99
Feisty Feta® Chicken$3.99
Baja Chicken$3.99


Toasted and Served with Choice of Side
Thai Chicken$6.49
Jamaican Jerk Chicken$6.49
King Caesar Chicken$6.49
Buffalo Chicken$6.49
Totally Turkey$6.49
Hummus Veggie$6.49


Toasted and Served with Choice of Side
Rustic Turkey & Apple Club$6.99
Turkey Bacon Ranch$6.99
Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad$6.99
Ultimate Club$6.99


Loaded Spinach$6.49
Thai Chicken$6.49
Chicken Caesar$6.49


Fruit Medley (House-Made)$1.19
Kale & Apple Slaw (House-Made)$1.19
Whole Fruit$1.19

All Day Breakfast

Southwest Omelet Wrap$2.49
Spinach & Feta Omelet Wrap$2.49
All American Omelet$2.49
Peanut Butter Banana Crunch Flatbread$2.99

Kids Menu

12 & Under
Lil' Limeberry Smoothie12 oz.$2.99
Jetty Junior Smoothie12 oz.$2.99
Awesome Orange Smoothie12 oz.$2.99
Chocolate Chimp Smoothie12 oz.$2.99
Turkey & Cheddar Wrap$2.99
Ham & Cheddar Wrap$2.99
Cheese Quesadilla$2.99
Cheese Quesadilla (with Chicken)$3.99
Pizza Quesadilla$2.99
Pizza Quesadilla (with Chicken)$3.99
Kid's Food Item with Choice of Side & 12 oz. Kid's Smoothie$4.99



Tropical Smoothie Menu Specialties


HUMMUS VEGGIE WRAP: This exciting wrap of the restaurant Cafe chain is made with hummus, pepper, smashes avocado, jack cheese, kale and spinach blend, romaine, rice, and black beans. The wrap is topped with pickled red onions, lite ranch, and tomatoes.

TROPICAL CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICH: This sandwich is made with pulled chicken which is served along cashews, roasted pineapple salsa, and jerk mayo. The sandwich is topped with spinach blend and tomatoes which is served inside 9-grain bread slices.


MOCHA MADNESS: This classic smoothie is made with a blend of chocolate, coffee, cappuccino and non-fat yogurt. The smoothie is also available in decaf.

SUNSHINE: this smoothie is a blend of several fresh fruit pulp such as mango, pineapple, banana, orange and orange juice.

CHAI BANANA BOOST: this is a perfect blend of chai banana boost, whey, and peanut butter. This smoothie is rich in protein and you can also add additional supplements to it.

TRIPLE BERRY OAT: this is a blend of several berries such as strawberries, blueberries, cranberries which is mixed with multivitamins, flax seeds, whey proteins, whole grain oats and Splenda.

Tropical Smoothie Menu Review

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is known for their various types of smoothies which are rich in flavors and nutrition. Tropical Smoothie Cafe is still a growing brand and has been serving their customers with their nutritional smoothies and healthy drinks which can be processed by the body very easily. The food chain provides a very fast service as it is never more than 5 to 10 minutes to get the order on your table. Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a fast and quick eatery. The atmosphere of the restaurants in the food chain is very calm and relaxing with a colorful energy of tropical vacation. The décor of the restaurants is very bright and inviting with an island theme.

The smoothies of the Tropical Smoothie Cafe are available in the classic flavors such as blueberry, banana, chocolate, and strawberry. One of the famous healthy blends of the restaurant Cafe is ‘Totally Green’ which is made with green apple, spinach, cucumber, kale, and kiwi. The ‘Indulgent Peanut Butter Cup’ is an equally famous unhealthy drink which is a blend of peanut butter, banana, and chocolate. The customers at the Tropical Smoothie Cafe can add healthy to extras to their smoothies such as whole grain oats, flax seeds, kale, and protein powders.

The eatery Tropical Smoothie Menu focuses on the fresh and nutritious products. The kid’s meals at the food chain offer the items such as cilantro lime fish tacos and chicken pesto flatbreads. These kinds of items are healthy and attractive to kids. The meals are offered with your choice of smoothie. The prices of the items in the menu of the restaurant Cafe are very reasonable and the quality of the food and the drinks are too great. The brand is dedicated to providing a clean and hygienic place and service to their customers. There are a lot of seasonal items on the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu which can be found only for limited periods.


The Tropical Smoothie Cafe was initially started as a smoothie shop in Florida in 1993. After 4 years the Tropical Smoothie Franchise Development Corporation was founded and a year later in 1998 first franchised store was opened in Tallahassee, Florida. In 1999, the company introduced the food items in their menu which included sandwiches and wraps. With time, the restaurant Cafe locations started to redesign in the beach house theme with bright walls, vibrant colors, open kitchen concept and tropical artwork which soon become their signature. The restaurant Cafe chain has become very popular in the past years and has even surpassed the brands older than itself in terms of popularity.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe grew and expanded very quickly. The growth of the restaurant Cafe chain has been very promising over the years. In 2006, they opened their 200th store in Virginia Beach, Virginia and in 2017 they opened their 600th restaurant in Joplin, Missouri. Tropical Smoothie had a pace of opening a new store of every 6 to 7 days in 2007 which has increased to 3 to 4 days in 2017. Tropical Smoothie Cafe has become one of the prominent foodservice brands of the country with over 650 location throughout the country. The restaurant Cafe chain has become one of the market leaders in the food industry. The international expansion plans if the company are in the preliminary stages and very soon, the company may open its stores in South America and Western Asia. If “Tropical Smoothie Menu” has some new updates do tell us and all the readers of this website.

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